How ProjectDox Extends Beyond ePlan Review

How ProjectDox Extends Beyond ePlan Review

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At Avolve, we are very proud of ProjectDox and how useful a tool it is to jurisdiction departments.  It is the leading ePlan review software, completely revolutionizing the way jurisdictions communicate, store data and information, work on projects, review and approve projects and much more.  And, while it is revolutionary, there is another thing we at Avolve are quite proud of – ProjectDox is goes far beyond being simply the leading ePlan review software.  The ability of ProjectDox to extend beyond ePlan review is actually a key advantage that it offers over other software options because it can be utilized by other jurisdiction departments such as Public Works and Capital Improvement Projects.

While ProjectDox, in its initial iteration, may have been used just for ePlan review, we have found that it is incredibly useful for other jurisdictions and the various challenges they face.  And, it is not just we have that found this, but jurisdictions across the nation that are actively using ProjectDox to the fullest of its ability.  First, the Roads and Bridges jurisdiction can use ProjectDox when working on construction, expansion and repair.  The Utilities, Water, Storm Water and Sanitation jurisdiction can use ProjectDox for construction, expansion and repair as well.  The Traffic jurisdiction can use ProjectDox for construction, design and management.  Further, the Building Assets jurisdiction can use ProjectDox for new building construction, renovation and maintenances.  The reason that ProjectDox is so useful to these various jurisdictions is that it provides a true project collaboration environment for managing these projects which allows project team members instant web access to all project data and maintain a fully versioned document history.  When in the field, anyone appropriate permission can access the most current information that is needed, ensuring accurate and timely solutions.  All project data is kept in one central location and it is always current with permission access securely controlled for both internal and external team members.  Further, all project data is linked to the jurisdiction’s GIS system which makes it quick and easy access for both reference and maintenance.  This exponentially expands the electronic built environment for future economic growth and development which is an invaluable tool to any jurisdiction department.  ProjectDox can and should be used for ePlan review and approval because it dramatically speeds and streamlines various processes but, it should also not be overlooked for its immense potential to solve problems and expedite processes in a variety of other jurisdiction departments as well.

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