ProjectDox Facilitates Communication and Collaboration for Planning and Zoning Departments

ProjectDox Facilitates Communication and Collaboration for Planning and Zoning Departments

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Those that work in the Planning and Zoning department of their city or state government are responsible for a complex array of responsibilities, making the use of helpful tools vital to success.  Planning and Zoning departments are responsible for facilitating the growth of the built environment while maintaining compliance with various codes, laws and restrictions.  ProjectDox is an invaluable tool in managing the responsibilities and tasks of the Planning and Zoning department.

As the world continues to progress towards a fully digital future, city and state governments must also make the transition to not only keep up but lead the way to the benefit of its citizens and stakeholders.  Fortunately, ProjectDox is the market’s leading electronic plan review (ePlan) solution and is capable of not only dramatically improving efficiency for any building project, but can also accelerate jobs and revenues and improved safety within the community.  Planning and Zoning departments uniquely benefit from ProjectDox because it has workflows that enable effective collaboration and efficient process among stakeholders seeking to achieve a balanced community vision while advancing economic growth.  In order to promote a well-designed, livable and prosperous community, planners must combine strategic vision with practical approaches to today’s development realities.  Planners work closely with citizens and community leaders to build consensus on short and long range plans and ProjectDox facilitates collaboration, communication, document management and storage, the review process and much more.  ProjectDox also automated and manages community planning operations that include:

  • Land planning
  • Development applications
  • Entitlements
  • Long range planning
  • Integrate to GIS

At Avolve, we have taken our years of extensive knowledge and experience, as well as feedback from those directly in the jobs that we aim to support, to formulate ProjectDox so that it can be a unparalleled tool for Planning and Zoning departments.  Our best-in-class planning workflow includes the project templates, checklists, eForms, reports, and process stems you need to automate the planning process in ProjectDox.  ProjectDox supports your business processes from planning to building through the management and access of as-built information.  We deliver better service to our clients by reducing review time which accelerates the permitting process by making it fast and easy to submit and review documents and drawings as well as process corrections, accelerating economic growth and eliminating the inefficient of paper movement and storage so that your department can stay on the forefront of technology while providing exceptional service to citizens and stakeholders.

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