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ProjectDox Features

ProjectDox is an open access business process enabler for building projects within a community requiring non-silo content access, collaboration and review/approval decisions. A real solution to gain efficiency, visibility and ease in working together to ensure community safety and power economic growth acceleration.

Key business process features:

  • Best practices process workflows for Building Permits, Planning & Zoning, Land Development, Capital Projects, Public Works, and more…
  • Serial, concurrent, parallel workflow reviews, partial and deferred submittals.
  • Quick reviews for clarifications and/or exception handling.
  • Robust workflow reassignment exception handling.
  • Upload document submission; pair with our OAS offering for easy online application and payment processing. more…
  • Auto attachment generation of correction markups and comments for resubmit letter.
  • Multi-page PDF creation with batch stamping.
  • Interfaces to other business applications, including permitting solutions. more…
  • No additional licensing required for external third party agencies and plan examiners.
  • Audit and analytical reports to see time to complete, workload tracking, and more.

Included web viewer features:

  • View over 200 file formats including AutoCAD, PDF, images, and Office documents.
  • Markup documents without changing legal integrity, or overwriting files.
  • Overlay document versions to compare changes and differences.
  • End-to-end compare plans to verify utilities, sewer lines, etc.
  • Easy to use interface

New Bluebeam® viewer interface: (v8.6)

  • Use Bluebeam Revu® viewer with ProjectDox.
  • Revu PDF markup files can be used in ProjectDox Best-in-Class process workflows.
  • PDF files securely and centrally managed by ProjectDox.
  • Both Revu and ProjectDox’s web viewer can be used together.

Capture location and export features:

  • Location aware, geo-tagging through ESRI ArcGIS integration – multi-permit geo-access.
  • Leverage ProjectDox to capture and record the built environment.
  • Export approved project plans and documents to a geo-accessible online digital warehouse.
  • Integrates to our cloud based PlansAnywhere to record plans, videos, images and associated documents for later field and fire inspectors/responders use. more…

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Get Immediate Benefits

ProjectDox Best-in-Class workflows and solution hosting can be deployed quickly to bring immediate speed plan review processes to accelerate community growth and safety. We can get you up and running quickly with our Best-in-Class workflows and then customize to your specific process and interface requirements.





Bluebeam and Revu are registered trademarks of the Nemetschek Group.