ProjectDox Fosters A True Collaborative Environment

ProjectDox Fosters A True Collaborative Environment

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Communication within departments and between departments of an organization is important for a wide variety of reasons.  It facilitates growth, expedites processes, reduces errors, saves money, saves times, and fosters a collaborative environment that is truly powerful. Small Business notes just how important interdepartmental communication is for encouraging trust, improving customer service, improving efficiency, and reducing conflict, which benefits any business or government, “Communication is one of the organizational functions that helps a company to stay efficient and productive. One of the more important forms of organizational communication is inter-departmental communication, the Institute for Public Relations notes. The importance of communication between different departments in an organization becomes most evident when that communication breaks down. Implementing policies to strengthen inter-departmental communication help to underscore its importance and maintain an efficient flow of information.”  Fortunately, one of the key advantages of ProjectDox is its ability to foster a truly collaborative environment.

For governments of any size, the implementation of ProjectDox can make a number of profound improvements but improved collaboration is one of the most significant.  Where there were information silos before, now there is fluid and effective communication.  Managing projects can be riddled with a number of potential problems but ProjectDox allows project team members instant web access to all project data and the ability to maintain a fully versioned document history in real time.  Members can access information, make edits, communicate and more, from any smart device or computer with a secure internet connection. By maintaining all project data in one central location, information is always current and accurate because it is securely controlled by both internal and external team members with all activity recorded to ensure complete transparency.  Further, all project data is linked to the jurisdiction’s GIS system which provides quick reference access and maintenance, further expanding the electronic built environment for future economic growth and development.  ProjectDox goes far beyond being ePlan review software (though it is the industry’s leading!), it is beneficial to a wide variety of departments such as Roads and Bridges (construction, expansion, and repair) , Utilities, Water, Storm Water and Sanitation (construction, expansion, and repair), Traffic (construction, design and management), and Building Assets (new building construction, renovation, and maintenance).  It uniquely and exceptionally improves communication between these departments, facilitating communication, expediting projects, saving time and money, to foster the true collaborative environment that everyone hopes to achieve.


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