ProjectDox Improves Business Process Efficiency In These 5 Ways

ProjectDox Improves Business Process Efficiency In These 5 Ways

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A business can only be as good as the sum of its parts.  Those parts include various departmental personnel, software, hardware, and other businesses or individuals with which the business works to accomplish its goal.  If one of those parts is not living up to its role, or just performing at a substandard level, a goal cannot be accomplished as well or as efficiently, which wastes time and money.  ProjectDox is the industry’s leading ePlan review software and it is capable of streamlining processes while bypassing information silos to improve efficiency in a unique and profound way.  Many legacy silo approaches simply do not get the job done; they complicate, compartmentalize and delay projects.  Fortunately, businesses and governments do not have to just accept poor legacy approaches;ProjectDox improves business process efficiency for all building projects within a community.  Below are 5 ways ProjectDox improves business process efficiency in any size government or jurisdiction.

  1. Best-In-Class Workflows
    • We have a selection of best-in-class workflows that improve consolidation and refinement of tens of thousands of customer interactions, design, and development hours spent addressing customers’ electronic plan review requirements. We have a selection of workflows that we have crafted from experience and knowledge but workflows can also be completely customized to meet any unique needs.
  2. Comprehensive Collaboration
    • ProjectDox facilitates comprehensive collaboration with an assortment of tools for commenting, comparing, notifying, and reporting.
  3. Open, Web-Based Access
    • Our open, web-based access can be hosted or be on-premise, depending on individual needs and preferences. Our hosted services are in a state-of-the-art, completely secure data center.
  4. Interoperability
    • Interoperability with other business applications, including permitting, asset management, and document management systems. Information silos often occur when information must be shared between various departments and business applications.ProjectDox is an open application that uses standard interfaces technologies, connecting to other business systems in virtually every place it’s used, and to applications of all types.
  5. OAS
    • ProjectDox pairs easily and seamlessly with Avolve’s Online Application Submission (OAS) solution. OAS is a web application that makes it simple to submit permit and plan review applications via a jurisdiction’s web site.  OAS provides online account registrations and profile management, making it easy for users to log into their account and select the proper application for submission.   OAS, when paired with ProjectDox, provides a full-featured interface to conduct online business with customers, partners and internal staff.

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