How ProjectDox Improves Collaboration on Building Department Projects

How ProjectDox Improves Collaboration on Building Department Projects

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At Avolve Software, we set out to design software that is an effectiveePlan review software.  But, what we found is that it is that and so much more!  ProjectDox improves the way departments interact, communicate, complete projects, interact with citizens, interact with stakeholders, and store and access documents and files.  What any government building department knows is that to efficiently and effectively complete projects, it is important to optimize collaboration.  ProjectDox is the ultimate collaboration tool and that is the reason that hundreds of governments across North America are using it.

Building departments have an important and challenging role in any city – they are in charge of ensuring the structural integrity of the buildings in which the city’s citizens will dwell, work and live their daily lives.  An important responsibility.  Additionally, they must balance the diverse needs of the citizens, the government, and other stakeholders – no easy feat.  The word ‘collaboration’ literally means to work with someone or others to create or produce something.  If a city’s building department cannot collaborate well, they cannot create or produce.  ProjectDox facilitates optimal collaboration in a variety of ways.  First, ProjectDox makes accessing and using important information/documents/plans easy and efficient.  Anyone involved in a building project will be granted access to the files necessary for that building project.  They will not have to request access each time they need something and wait for the information.  It will be right at their fingertips, accessible from any computer or smartphone with secure internet connection.  Rather than waiting hours, days, or even weeks for the information they need, they will have it in an instant, expediting processes for improved collaboration.

Also, collaborating on projects that include dispersed team members can be challenging and time consuming.  Everyone that is involved on a given building project may not be located in one office, city or even state all at the same time.  But, that does not mean that communication and collaboration has to be time consuming.  With ProjectDox, everyone can be on the same page at the same moment wherever and whenever.  Decisions are able to made more quickly for optimal efficiency.  Manual processes of the past are simply inefficient and ineffective in today’s modern digital world.  With ProjectDox, information about the built environment is available whenever you need it, whether you are in the office or on the job site.  Through improved collaboration, building projects will be completed more quickly, economic growth will be stimulated, and all project stakeholders will be satisfied.



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