How ProjectDox Improves Communication & Collaboration

How ProjectDox Improves Communication & Collaboration

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Any business knows that efficient and effective communication and collaboration is the key to successful project completion.  This is true in just about any industry and is certainly true within government departments.  Collaborating on projects with dispersed team members as well as project stakeholders and citizens can be incredibly time consuming.  ProjectDox, the industry’s leading ePlan review software facilitates better, quicker project completion through improved communication and collaboration.

ProjectDox is a web-based electronic plan and document workflow solution that allows citizens and government personnel to initiate, collaborate on and complete the plan submission, review and approval process online.  This is a significant improvement over traditional manual, paper-based processes which are slow and often lead to miscommunication and confusion.  ProjectDox improves communication within departments (including building, planning, land use, fire, environmental, public works and other agencies) as well as between departments and between stakeholders and citizens.  At Avolve Software we have achieved such success with ProjectDox for our clients through years of experience and industry knowledge.  We have carefully crafted project-specific workflows that can be used as-is or completely customized.  With ProjectDox, cross-departmental communication, collaboration and coordination are completely revolutionized.

ProjectDox supports over 200 defined Web Services that communicate with back-office business systems of just about any type.  Your ProjectDox system makes building project information available to those who need it: from Planning, to Building, Asset Management to Public Safety – throughout the entire building life cycle.  The key to ProjectDox’s success is that it and automates the plan review process and allows project team members instant web access to all project data while maintaining a fully versioned document history. Large public projects require a wide variety of planning, collaboration, review and approval, as well as ongoing operations functions.  This is a lot to coordinate and is often where information gets lost in communication.  ProjectDox provides a consistent flexible information and workflow framework to exchange and collaborate with project drawings, documents and other information.  Further, with ProjectDox, departments get vital collaboration tools for commenting, comparing, notifying and reporting.  There is a reason that hundreds of jurisdictions across North America have successfully implemented ProjectDox and continue to thrive using it today, it really does foster a true project collaboration environment with all project data maintained in one location.  All data is the most current data available and permission access is securely controlled for both internal and external team members.  Also, all project data is linked to the jurisdiction’s GIS system for quick reference access and maintenance which further expands the electronic built environment for future economic growth and development.



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