ProjectDox Interfaces

ProjectDox Interfaces

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While business technology has grown consistently over the past several decades, many programs utilized in workplace organizations are still severely limited when it comes to compatibility with other applications and general versatility. This oftentimes leads to the unfortunate need to purchase several different programs, and to work out roundabout and often confusing ways of transferring data between them. ProjectDox is an excellent program for those who are looking to share information between multiple applications in their day-to-day business operations.While many programs limit data input into their files to their own systems, this application was created with an open interface in order to make the business owner and employees’ lives simpler, and to help them achieve tasks that might be impossible on one application alone.

Avolve, the creator of this application, has integrated several programs such as permit systems, Google Maps and other map programs, document management applications and asset management programs with their own technology in order to help streamlinethe process of storing and sharing documents and make them even more accessible to anyone who might require the information, either in the office or in the field. Some of these shared features include:

  • Project creation
  • Fee payment
  • Department routing
  • Approvals
  • Downloads
  • Permit approvals

The ability to easily transfer data from program to program allows for a flexibility in the work environment that allows any business to custom-tailor their process to best fit their preferred methods, ensuring that the ProjectDox application can fit in with any structure in any workplace. However, it is particularly useful in the field thanks to its easy-to-access offline work mode, which allows employees who are out to deliver goods or services a glimpse at the stored information if it is required while on the job. The easy availability of information assists employers in reducing confusion and therefore the chances for mistakes to be made by their employees, leading to a happier, healthier and more stress-free work environment for everyone involved.

The utilization of this program is not limited to any one specific field. In fact, it is designed to work with nearly any industry imaginable. Whether it’s sharing client information for repair services, documents and blueprints for construction work, safety manuals and mandates for public safety teams, case files for law firms or even training manuals for new staff members, Avolve has created the perfect program for getting needed knowledge in line and ensuring that everyone has access to important information. This software was created in order to make life easier for companies everywhere, and with its advanced sharing interface, it does not fail to deliver.

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