ProjectDox Is An Invaluable Tool In the Event of an Emergency

ProjectDox Is An Invaluable Tool In the Event of an Emergency

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We have discussed it a lot and when you look at the industry, there is no doubt about it, ProjectDox is the premiere, industry-leading electronic plan review (ePlan) software.  The practical advantages, such as improved communication, elimination of information silos, improved document storage, and a central location that propels projects forward for faster and more accurate completion, are realized on a day-to-day basis.  And, while the everyday advantages are very real and hold a lot of value, there are more applications for ProjectDox that provide significant advantages.  One scenario all cities and municipalities must face at some point is an emergency.  It is vague what that emergency may end up being but what is important is to be prepared.  One way in which any city can dramatically improve their preparedness is to implement ProjectDox.

ProjectDox is an invaluable tool in emergency response planning because it provides unique advantages over traditional methods.  While a binder with plans and emergency response strategy, or even a typed document, is a good thing, there are some major disadvantages when it comes to practical application.  Binders or typed documents are not easily accessible in the event of an emergency and cannot be easily distributed to all necessary personnel in the event of an emergency.  Additionally, unless they are meticulously maintained, the information they contain may be out of date or flat our inaccurate.  Further, if those documents are contained inside a building or room in which the emergency is occurring (for example, a fire), there will be no access to them at all.  This is where ProjectDox provides such an effective solution.  ProjectDox helps governments and emergency response personnel protect property and save lives in the event of an emergency.  It allows emergency response agencies to electronically access, view, and mark-up building plans for any building within a jurisdiction.  All of these actions can be completed instantaneously so even as an emergency occurs, updates within an emergency response plan can be made and immediately distributed to anyone with access.  All that is required for access is a secure login and internet connection.  That means important documents can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any smart device, laptop or computer. Plans can be accessed from field-deployed units and the command center simultaneously; allowing responding units to be on the same page – literally. Fire and emergency response personnel need accurate and timely access to Built Environment information to better meet citizen’s needs and ProjectDox provides just that.  By using ProjectDox, city, county and state governments can pre-plan their emergency response strategy with the aid of full marked-up drawings, identify and highlight key items (such as Gas and Electric shut-offs, stand pipes, master elevator controls, security controls, and all access points), mark and log the location of all stored hazardous materials, coordinate response by centralizing information and accessing plans wirelessly, have both instant and automated status notifications that can be triggered form the field when drawings are accessed.  When emergencies arise and every second counts, having an easy-to-understand action plan is essential.  ProjectDox allows users to create an action plan that can be shared between multiple response teams as well as the command  center so that efforts can be more coordinated and efficient, and increase the capability to save valuable property and human life.


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