ProjectDox Protects Original Plans and Documents

ProjectDox Protects Original Plans and Documents

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ProjectDox is the industry’s leading ePlan solution and has been proven time after time to exceed expectations and revolutionize processes.  ProjectDox dramatically improves efficiency and accelerates building project approvals. This boosts jobs and revenue while stimulating economic growth.   Providing better service to citizens and eliminating outdated paper plans is not just better for the environment but with electronic storage, communication and project transparency are improved.

And, while many people can understand the immense value of reducing paper usage and switching to electronic files, it can be strange and concerning at first if you are not used to it.  Fortunately, as soon as people use ProjectDox, they immediately see that it is far superior to using paper plans.  But, many people wonder how ProjectDox handles the original plans and documents.  Even if many changes or edits are made throughout the life of a project, the original plans and documents are always stored within ProjectDox so that a full history of each project is maintained.  Once plans and document files are uploaded in ProjectDox, they are published immediately into a “read-only” screen format that is used throughout the review and approval process.  At Avolve Software, we know the importance of maintaining complete transparency and a full history of a project which is why once the plan files have been published, they are archived away to ensure that they are never altered or modified.  Then, any red lines, markups or other annotations applied to the plan file renditions will occur on virtual layers within ProjectDox.  Anyone involved in the project can see all of the different file renditions and comments can be managed to streamline operations and the review process.  Further, ProjectDox has the capabilities to publish over 200 file formats (including DWG, DGN, and PDF) accurately while maintaining important vector and layer information that helps reviewers do their jobs effectively.

ProjectDox’sePlan solution supports a project through the entire life cycle, ensuring that everything form online application submission, to project work and completion, to file storage and access all happens in one place.  And, because all project information is stored using geo-location, emergency responders or other personnel can access the most accurate as built information whenever needed.  This ensures efficient operations, public safety, and the most effective emergency response possible.  Just because plans and documents are stored electronically there does not need to be any fear of losing original files or having them be overwritten.  The original files are always stored and protected to ensure that they are available as needed.



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