ProjectDox Spec Version vs. Customized Version

ProjectDox Spec Version vs. Customized Version

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Benefits of ProjectDox

When planning community growth, it takes a multitude of departments and members to bring the project to fruition. Public projects include the collaboration and planning of many different entities coming together. The project manager needs an electronic solution to stay on top of each person. That’s where a planning software comes in.

What Is ProjectDox?

The ProjectDox platform is an electronic plan review technology which can be implemented for your public works project to manage each aspect of the process. From budgeting to zoning, the software provides management solutions for assets, documents, and environmental issues. With two different versions available for your community, there’s no reason to waste paper resources and time overseeing a major building project which is supposed to benefit the community.

Spec Version

One of the benefits of the Spec version is that it is a hosted software. Your team accesses the software via the web browser, which makes it accessible on many different platforms. For smaller jurisdictions, it is a fast and easy startup, which lets your team get on board immediately. We make this software affordable to give your team more efficiency in its building projects.

Customized Version

For larger organizations which have business requirements not covered by the Spec version, Avolve offers a completely customizable version of the software. This version is available on-premise, but it can also be hosted if necessary. The configuration is tailored to meet your specifications for interfaces and workflows. Although it does take longer to set-up, once you’re up and running, your team will be more efficient in the collaboration process.

Services Provided With Either Version

Whichever version of ProjectDox that is chosen, you get the experience of our team to provide success to your project. We offer complete training and support to ensure that everyone who is working on your project knows how to get the most out of the software. Over 100 other communities have chosen to use the software for their own project planning, which we hope gives you confidence in its success.

With the software, you get a trail of activity to keep every part of the project on schedule. Individuals are held accountable for their own work because it is logged into the process through the software. Imagine how much time managers save when they can easily see a checklist of which tasks have been done and which haven’t. They can follow up with those who are off track and ensure compliance to get the job done on time.

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