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ProjectDox technology/features 1/3

ProjectDox Software Technology Stack

ProjectDox Eplan Review Software is a web-based, enterprise-class application that is hosted at your facility for maximum versatility, flexibility and control. It can run as a stand-alone system, but typically ProjectDox is integrated with permitting and other government software applications and databases.

The ProjectDox core is built on the Windows .NET 2.0 development platform, making ProjectDox an open standards application that can be integrated with a wide-range of support programs and their services.

ProjectDox licensing allows for an unlimited number of projects, users and plans/documents, so you do not pay additional fees when adding users or when project volume increases.*

Based on the diagram above, you can learn about each component and it’s features below:

User Interface

    • ProjectDox is accessible to everyone via a web browser. Currently we support Internet Explorer v6 and greater, with ActiveX controls enabled and cookies disabled during a secure session.
    • ProjectDox was designed to present tools and data fields, with minimal panning, scrolling, drilling or toggling – making it easy for staff personnel and citizens to use regardless of their skill level.


  • Security is accomplished at several levels within ProjectDox. Combined with network security best practices, ProjectDox is a trusted environment that meets strict enterprise security requirements.
  • As a matter of process, users must be invited to a ProjectDox project in order to access the application. Temporary login credentials are initiated by the jurisdiction and sent to authorized users.
  • ProjectDox cannot be accessed by the same login credentials for two concurrent sessions. One login and session per user at a given time.
  • ProjectDox uses the same secure web communication protocols used in online banking services when sending and receiving data over the Internet. Users can be sure that they are connecting to the authorized project site when uploading files and sharing data.
  • ProjectDox supports LDAP and Active Directory credential verification services.
  • ProjectDox supports standard port assignments between servers placed in the DMZ and across firewalls. Optional port assignments are also supported for increased security.
  • ProjectDox can be configured according to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which prevents any direct connection to databases behind the firewall from the DMZ.
  • ProjectDox employs the concept of Users and Groups, which is used by ProjectDox administrators to manage and control application and folder-level security permissions. File-level security is controlled at the folder level.
  • ProjectDox never uses original files for display, markups or annotations. Screen renditions are created and then managed during work activity. Original files are never opened but remain in storage after initial publishing, free from any modification by users.
  • Access to file folders can be “locked down” according to pre-defined workflow activity. This keeps folder content free from alteration/modification during critical review phases.
  • Detailed logs and activity audit-trail provide data for security-related inquiry and analysis

* Hardware and network specifications can affect software performance under load. It may be necessary to upgrade hardware to achieve optimum performance.

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