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ProjectDox technology/features 2/3

Workflow Engine

  • Built on Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) – A component of the .NET Framework, WF is a standard part of the Windows platform for developers. It provides a common foundation for building workflow-based applications on Windows, whether those applications coordinate interactions among software, interactions among people, or both.
  • ProjectDox ® Standard Workflow for Electronic Plan Review – Provides a baseline workflow template based on thousands of hours of professional services development work with many jurisdictions. See Professional Services for more information.
  • Fully customizable workflow and e-forms development for any business process.
  • Multiple levels of authorization for granular access control. Intelligent e-forms present information based on the viewer, task, current status and permission level.
  • Fully customizable notification triggers for any specified task or action
  • Access to designated project review files directly from the workflow
  • Application functions can be governed by workflow business rules – file access, view, mark-up, download, print and other functions.
  • Standard tasks can be created using GUI, any complex task with additional scripting and programming
  • If/then scenarios and decision trees are supported
  • Error-checking is supported

Publishing & Visualization

  • ProjectDox supports screen-rendition publishing for over 200 document formats. Screen rendition files are used during all ProjectDox view and review processes. Original files are stored and never modified by ProjectDox users. All markups occur on virtual layers optimized for process and file management.
  • Users only need a browser to view all published file formats.
  • All files are represented by a thumbnail view for quicker identification.
  • The browser-based view and markup functions are easy to access and use. Markups can be color-coded to match review functions and/or departments.
  • Changemark® feature provides numbered markup index with automated scroll, pan and zoom to markup coordinates. Dynamic, intelligent hyperlinks to specific markups/annotations can be sent to users via email.
  • Annotations are saved in a non-proprietary, open XML format, permitting import/ export of annotations and pre/post processing as an integral part of a workflow.
  • The consolidate feature allows you to select annotation/markup files from multiple reviewers to combine into a single file.
  • Accurately snap measurement points to end, mid and center coordinates in vector (CAD) files. When measuring, users get a magnified view of the sensed point of interest – to select measurement points with higher accuracy, even when working on large drawings and long distances.
  • Overlay and side-by-side compare features provide immediate feedback on sanctioned and unsanctioned changes to plan drawings. Alignment function allows users to select alignment coordinates on disparate sheets.
  • Print/Save to PDF, TIFF and DWF. Print interface allows for complete control and presents a thumbnail print-preview. When publishing to PDF, annotations are conveyed as PDF comments.

Document Management

  • Upload single or multiple files in batch mode. Folder upload is also supported. Since folder creation in ProjectDox is permissions-driven, recreating subfolder tree structures is not currently supported. All files located in subfolders will be uploaded into a single folder.
  • Drag and drop files to designated ProjectDox folders
  • User and Group-level permissions govern document access. Folder and subfolder-level security control. Individual files can be locked to prevent additional markups and annotations.
  • CAD files X-Refs are fully supported.
  • Hyperlinks to other document files can be added to existing files
  • Public and private discussion threads for individual documents is supported
  • Email comments directly to specific files in ProjectDox.
  • All files uploaded into ProjectDox are “fingerprinted” to establish audit trail for verification support. ProjectDox tracks a vast number of metrics including date, time, user, and event (upload, download, modify, view, markup).
  • Application functions can be governed by workflow business rules – file access, view, mark-up, download, print and other functions.
  • Multiple metadata field are supported for easy file identification through ProjectDox full-search feature.
  • Full versioning support including Check-In and Check-Out. Files checked-out can be modified off-line and re-synced upon reconnect. Files are versioned whenever file change or resubmit occurs.
  • Prior file versions can be activated by permission.
  • Documents can be exported to archive and use in other EDMS systems.

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