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ProjectDox technology/features 3/3

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) / Web Services

  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Microsoft Web Services is a part of the .NET Framework that provides a unified programming model for rapidly building service-oriented applications that communicate across the web and the enterprise.
  • ProjectDox utilizes Web Services and WCF extensively within the application and to facilitate interoperability with other software applications, such as permitting software and other government business management tools. Therefore, ProjectDox is a service-oriented application that supports open computing best-practices in enterprise environments.
  • The Avolve Engineering Development Team can quickly provide integrations and plug-n-play modules extending ProjectDox functionality, especially when target applications share in Web Services/ WCF. Existing functions and service calls can be re-used efficiently in different variations.
  • ProjectDox services can scale quickly for distributed and load-balanced configurations

Business Logic

  • The ProjectDox Business Logic layer works in conjunction with all other components to govern access to the Database and the presentation of data to the user. It comprises the bulk of the core ProjectDox application code base.


  • ProjectDox is designed to run on the Microsoft SQL 2005 database platform.
  • SQL 2005 is comprehensive data management platform that is cost effective and provides enterprise-class performance, reliability and scalability. It gives developers and DBAs full array of management capabilities including Integration, Analysis (OLAP and data mirroring), Reporting, Notification and Replication services running on a relational database.
  • SQL 2005 supports a full array of rapid development tools for the Avolve Engineering Development Team.
  • SQL 2005 provides tight integration to the .NET framework and maximizes performance and security for WCF and Web Services internally and when communicating with disparate applications and databases.
  • SQL 2005 integrated services (SSIS) is integrated to Microsoft IIS web server technology and supports ProjectDox load-balancing and failover configurations.
  • SQL 2005 treats XML as a dedicated data type within the database, streamlining functions that utilize XML such as metadata search and import/export actions.

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