How ProjectDox Uniquely Automates and Manages Community Planning Operations

How ProjectDox Uniquely Automates and Manages Community Planning Operations

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ProjectDox, the market’s leading ePlan review solution, offers a great deal of advantages of jurisdictions all over the nation.  As we have discussed before, it is not only an ePlan review solution, but goes above and beyond to provide various benefits to other jurisdictions, making it an invaluable tool.  The true beauty of ProjectDox lies in its ability to streamline processes with ease by improving communication, expediting projects, and improving the way jurisdictions store and access information.  Where processes and operations were tedious before, ProjectDox automates and manages community planning operations which simplifies projects, speeds project completion, and increases revenue.

City planners have a unique mission – they must promote well-designed, livable and prosperous communities but they must combine that with strategic vision and practical approaches to today’s development realities.  They must work closely with citizens, community leaders and planners to build consensus on short and long range plans.  This involves a lot of communication, paperwork, reviews, approvals and much more.  It is easier said than done and city planners often encounter a lot of tedious obstacles that slow their work down.  ProjectDox functions as a central hub of information.  Once granted access, individuals, departments, and other stakeholders can submit documents, make edits, communicate, review, and approve documents all in one location. ProjectDox keeps a detailed account for complete transparency and certain steps are automated and managed by ProjectDox so that jurisdiction employee time is freed up for important tasks rather than being bogged down in minutia.  ProjectDox provides Planning and Zoning departments with the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate amongst themselves and with community stakeholders.  It uniquely automates and manages community planning operations such as land planning, development applications, entitlements, long range planning, and GIS integration.Business processes are supported from planning to building through the management and access of as-built information.  At Avolve, we took our years of experience and consulted with experts in the industry to develop our best-in-clas planning workflow that includes the project templates, checklists, eForms, reports, and process steps that you need to automate the planning process in ProjectDox.   It is time to leave behind the paper-heavy, slow processes of the past that have delayed planning and zoning projects in the past.  ProjectDox automates and manages workflows so that projects get done with more accurate information and communication, more quickly, saving money and allowing for more projects to get done in the built environment within a community.


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