ProjectDoxOffers (5 bullets)

ProjectDoxOffers (5 bullets)

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ProjectDox has been deployed in hundreds of cities and continues to grow in popularity because it does one crucial thing – it performs.  ProjectDox is the industry’s leading ePlan review software and it is leading because it improves communication, efficiency, document storage, document distribution and more.  Where information silos existed before, there are now streamlined workflows and improved collaboration thanks to ProjectDox.  Avolve carefully crafted ProjectDox over years, using extensive industry experience and knowledge, to bring customers the best of the best.  ProjectDox is truly the best of the best and it is because of how many benefits it offers to our clients, including:

  1. Best-In-Class Workflows
    • ProjectDox comes complete with state-of-the-art workflows designed to streamline processes, improving efficiency and allows projects to get completed more quickly. These workflows are for your review processes, project collaboration, access to as-built information and other business-critical process activities.  Our process submission, review and approval workflows are available for building permits, planning and zoning projects, land development, capital improvement projects, public works projects, parks and planning projects, and public safety planning efforts.
  2. Comprehensive Collaboration Tools
    • ProjectDox’s collaboration tools can be used for commenting, comparing, notifying and reporting.
  3. Open, web-based access, hosted or on-premise.
    • With ProjectDox, our clients have the option to host software on premise or still use it for all of its benefits but enjoy hosted service where Avolve handles all of the data center infrastructure needs and maximizes uptime and security so that you do not have to. If you do not have the infrastructure necessary, Avolve takes the burden off your hands and makes it easy to still use all of the benefits of ProjectDox.
  4. Interoperability with other business applications.
    • This interoperability includes permitting, asset management, and document management systems. Applications that cannot exchange information with other systems often encounter information silos but ProjectDox bypasses those information silos to allow for ultimate collaboration and information distribution.
  5. Pairs seamlessly with our easy to use OAS (Online Application Submission) solution.
    • Online Application Submission is a web application that makes it easy to submit documents and permit applications through an easy-to-use website portal. Once online accounts are established, citizens and stakeholders have registered and have unique profiles it is as simple as logging in and submitting an application.  OAS works with ProjectDox and distributes information as needed to keep projects moving along smoothly and ensuring that everyone is on the same page at any given stage of a project.

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