Reduce Chaos & Confusion in Emergencies With an Emergency Response Plan

Reduce Chaos & Confusion in Emergencies With an Emergency Response Plan

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Every time an emergency occurs in a community there are always the same phrases thrown around that describe the emergency as well as the emergency response: chaos, confusion, pandemonium. When an emergency occurs people often do not know what is happening, they may not know from where the emergency is originating, people may be running all directions, it may be loud and frightening and more.  All of this adds up to a chaotic situation and whether it is large or small, emergency response personnel must determine the best way to appropriately respond to save property and protect citizen safety.  While you may not be able to prepare for the specifics of an emergency, certain things can be planned for and anticipated that may save time which protects property and lives.  While no community wants an emergency to occur, every community should have a comprehensive emergency response plan for a variety of different circumstances so that, should it never be needed, it is there and ready.  The problem is, writing down an emergency response plan helps no one if everyone on the response team does not have simultaneous and immediate access to that response plan.  For this reason, Avolve’s PlansAnywhere is the ideal solution to community emergency planning needs.

Emergency response personnel may need access to building or site plans that detail the structure as well as the various utilities so that they can access what they need to safely.  But, they also need to know what to do next if, in the chaos of the moment, it is not possible to sit down and have a conversation about strategy.  Nobody wants to wait in line to see site plans or see an emergency response plan in the moment; it is just not practical or efficient.  PlansAnywhere allows any approved emergency response personnel to immediately and simultaneously access the emergency response plan as well as site information so that they can make informed, safe decisions.  With PlansAnywhere, any community of any size can uniquely craft emergency response plans that are specific to their community and resources.  It allows communities to prep-plan their emergency response for any event along with the aid of fully marked-up drawings.  All key items can be identified, including gas and electric shut-offs, stand pipes, master elevator controls, security controls and all access points.  Hazardous material locations can also be located and clearly marked.  Finally, in the chaos of the moment, instant, automated status notifications can be triggered from the field when drawings are accessed so that everyone is on the same page from moment to moment.  All of these things come together to allow for a community to better execute an emergency response plan when it is needed which will help save property and lives.

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