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Riverside’s ePlan Review Process to Go Virtual

Riverside’s ePlan Review Process to Go Virtual


Cindie Perry, Intergovernmental & Communications Officer
(951) 826-5975

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Watch City of Riverside, CA Choose ProjectDox!

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Last Tuesday the Riverside City Council authorized a new software program called ProjectDox — the first part of a comprehensive strategy called Business Ready Riverside to expand the City‟s readiness to attract new business and investment as the economy continues to improve.

ProjectDox software will enable business owners, developers, contractors and residents to electronically submit and manage their plans with the City while saving money and reducing the city‟s environmental footprint. The software reduces the need for paper for a substantial reduction in printing costs and virtually eliminates the need to drive to city hall to deliver paper plans.

The City estimates the following annual savings: city staff costs $119,620; 382,140 fewer miles driven with $89,166 in fuel cost savings; 71,333 pounds of paper for a cost savings of $481,496.

Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey said that “ProjectDox will streamline government processes and save businesses money. The implementation of this software is just one more example of how city leaders are reinvesting in Riverside to ensure we maintain our presence as an „Intelligent Community‟.”

The need for the new software evolved out of the City‟s Economic Development Action Plan Business First program approved in early 2012. Through that plan, opportunities were identified to improve efficiencies and communication. The new software allows customers remote access to the system where they can submit changes and receive feedback – without leaving their office. Alerts for changes are sent electronically reducing the time and expense associated with printing, pick-up and delivery of comments and corrections.

“I am extremely proud of the results of a collaborative leadership team” stated City Manager Scott Barber, “This cutting edge method of doing business is a prime example of our commitment to helping Riverside businesses create jobs for our community.”

ProjectDox is a product of Avolve Software

Bill Gould