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A Real Electronic Plan Review Solution designed to enable people to work together better. Over 100+ cities use ProjectDox. 


“With a 60 hour/month reduction in plan review staff time, commercial reviews are completed in 10 business days instead of 5 weeks.  We’ve calculated return on investment at 80% in the first year alone.”


Avolve Software has proven domain experience that you can trust.  Cultivated by working closely with our many city and county customers, we created best-in-class workflows for Building Permits, Planning & Zoning, and Capital Projects departments.

Some key attributes:

  • More than just PDF’ing around files, but a full file management system with robust business process workflows.
  • Designed specifically for plan review and resubmission processes.
  • Web based (no downloads/local copies of file silo’s).
  • Server licensed, not user licensed, enables secure external party reviews.
  • Integrated to third party permitting solutions.


Start with plan review

Get immediate visible improvements, efficiency and ease to your review process. With our secure hosting option and our best-in-class workflows, ProjectDox can be live within weeks improving citizen services and accelerating local job growth by getting things built faster in your community.