Enterprise Solutions

Out of the box or fully customized – we have an enterprise solution that fits your needs.

Whether you are a Building Official, Community Planner, Fire Chief, or Public Works Project Manager, our products digitally transform the way your jurisdiction manages building-related projects and records your built environment electronically as a result. Throughout the entire building lifecycle, OAS (Online Application Submission), ProjectDox, and PlansAnywhere enhances efficiency, teamwork collaboration, auditability, operational transparency, and communication.

ProjectDox Best-in-Class workflows represent the consolidation and refinement of tens of thousands of customer interaction, design and development hours spent addressing customers’ electronic plan review requirements.  These function-specific solutions bring value to your organizations and the communities you serve quickly and efficiently. Over 100+ cities use ProjectDox and many have started with going paperless with plan review as the quick and most impactful way to improve their building permitting and zoning approval services. OAS makes going online for application submission simple. PlansAnywhere enables mobile Geo-located access to built environment plans, images, and data.