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Building Departments

Ensuring the structural integrity of buildings is paramount to the health and safety of the jurisdiction’s citizens – and a primary objective for any building department.  Building officials must balance the diverse needs of many stakeholders without losing sight of that primary mission. 

Why would you entrust all of this community value in an antiquated paper or PDF-only based plan review solution?

ProjectDox for Building Departments was designed to incorporate every stakeholder, both internal and external, as part of this business process. That means things like markups and corrections are collected and communicated faster to the developer.  Revisions and resubmittals are versioned within the system and managed as a part of the workflow – no more large email file issues or lost PDFs to track down.

With over 15 years of experience driving efficiencies, more than 150+ building departments are partnering with Avolve to accelerate their growth.