Building Departments

Ensuring the structural integrity of buildings is paramount to the health and safety of the jurisdiction’s citizens – and a primary objective for any building department.  Building officials must balance the diverse needs of many stakeholders without losing sight of that primary mission.  

Among the challenges:

  • Inefficient manual processes make achieving that balance difficult.
  • Information is frequently locked away in data silos, inaccessible when it is needed most. 
  • Building plan reviews are often paper-based processes.  Documents are misplaced. 
  • Collaborating on projects with dispersed team members is time consuming. 
  • Project status reporting is inaccurate and not timely. 
  • Information about the built environment is not available to those who need it, when it is needed.

Over 100 building departments in North America overcome these challenges using ProjectDox. ProjectDox makes it easy for review personnel to work together with the citizen-applicant during the review process.

ProjectDox is the industry’s leading ePlan solution powering economic growth, delivering better constituent service, reducing review cycle times, increasing transparency, and enhancing collaboration.