Emergency Response Planning

Protect property.  Save Lives.  These are principle roles of any local government jurisdiction.  Fire and emergency response personnel need accurate, timely access to Built Environment information to meet citizens’ needs.

ProjectDox allows your Emergency response agencies to electronically access, view, and mark-up building plans for any building in your jurisdiction — instantaneously.  Plans can be accessed  from field-deployed units and the command center simultaneously; allowing responding units to be on the same page – literally.

City, County and State governments realize the following benefits from ProjectDox:

  • Pre-plan emergency response with the aid of full marked-up drawings
  • Identify and highlight key items such as, Gas and Electric Shut-offs, Stand Pipes, Master Elevator Controls, Security Controls, and all Access Points
  • Mark and log the location of all stored hazardous materials
  • Coordinate response by centralizing information and accessing plans wirelessly
  • Instant, automated status notifications can be triggered from the field when drawings are accessed

When emergencies arise, having an easy-to-understand action plan is essential. An action plan that can be shared between multiple response teams as well as the command center is more coordinated and efficient, and increases the capability to save valuable property and human life.  ProjectDox  protects valuable Built Environment information for use in critical situations.