Public Works and Capital Projects

A key advantage to the ProjectDox solution is to extend its usage “beyond ePlan Review” to be highly utilized by other jurisdiction departments like Public Works and Capital Improvement Projects.

Examples of departments that have a need to manage internal projects and improve process through better collaboration and communication tools:

  • Roads & Bridges – construction, expansion and repair.
  • Utilities, Water, Storm Water and Sanitation – construction, expansion and repair.
  • Traffic – construction, design and management.
  • Building Assets – new building construction, renovation and maintenance.

ProjectDox provides a true project collaboration environment for managing these projects, allowing project team members instant web access to all project data and maintain a fully versioned document history.   All project data in one central location, always current with permission access securely controlled for both internal and external team members. All project data is now linked to the jurisdiction’s GIS system for quick reference access and maintenance, further expanding the electronic built environment for future economic growth and development.