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Public Works and Capital Projects

Why are more and more Public Works and Capital Improvement Departments depending on ProjectDox? Because ProjectDox provides “the single source of truth” for project management and collaboration. That means providing real time project access to the most current set of plans and documents to ensure all team members are working off the same set of plans.  ProjectDox also maintains a separate, versioned archive of all legacy plan versions for reference and audit trail.

Keeping up with all the variables associated with one project can be challenging –  from team coordination, managing milestones and due dates to RFIs and change orders. What happens when you multiply this by the growth rate of your city?  Things can easily get out of control.  These challenges are efficiently managed using Best in Class business process workflows that have been designed, tested and proven for Public Works Departments.  If your department oversees capital projects, automating the plan management and review process will enable real time collaboration between all stakeholders and accelerate project delivery.

ProjectDox equips your team for the successful delivery of projects involving:

  • Building Assets – new building construction, renovation and maintenance
  • Public Right of Ways – Bureau of Engineering projects
  • Roads & Bridges – construction, expansion and repair
  • Traffic – construction, design and management
  • Utilities, Water, Storm Water, Wastewater, and Sanitation – construction, expansion and repair

ProjectDox provides a true project collaboration environment for managing these projects, allowing project team members instant web access to all project data, while maintaining a fully versioned document history.   All project data is permission-accessed and securely controlled for both internal and external team members. Once complete – ProjectDox maintains a working set of asset as-built plans to be utilized for ongoing maintenance and future development.

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