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Public Works Departments

 Public Works Departments, in delivering a wide variety of planning and administrative functions, project management, and maintenance operations to their respective communities, require a consistent and yet flexible framework to exchange structured information, documents and visual media.

With ProjectDox®, your Public Works department can easily create and extend a secure environment for critical project information management, including bid submission/management, RFI and Change Request/Order management.

ProjectDox Bid Module
Automating and streamlining the bid process for Public Works projects will yield significant time and cost benefits. Key functions of the Projectdox Bid Module include:

  • Departmental Management of Registered Bidders – Allows for the management of registered bidder information, status and trade specialty. Supports external information validation to exclude bidders not current with licensing, insurance and other required credentials from bid announcements.
  • Automated Bid Announcement – Allows for bid package preparation, selection of trade specific bidders and the electronic distribution of the official bid invitations.
  • Electronic Bid Invitation – Electronic bid invitations are sent via email. Bidder can review the bid package information via attachment or hyperlink back to the jurisdiction’s website. Clicking a “YES” or “NO” button in the invitation email automatically sends an electronic response back to the jurisdiction, confirming bidder participation per the specific bid.
  • Bid Response Management – ProjectDox will manage all affirmative bid responses, automatically sending out a project information invitation, directing bidders to a folder where they can access and view project drawings and documents in preparation for submitting a formal bid.
  • Electronic Bid Submission – ProjectDox confirms that bidders have reviewed appropriate project drawings and documents prior to submission of a bid response. A digital bid submission form is filled out online and submitted simply by clicking “Submit Bid”. The bidding module acknowledges reception of the bid form via email and the bidder is notified automatically of the bid award status following selection.
  • Drawing and Document Access – The bidding module will manage the access to ProjectDox and control what bidders can see and do while reviewing the project data. ProjectDox maintains all bidders in the system as private members, yet allows for global publishing of pertinent questions and answers submitted during the data review process – per the Bid Manager. Once a bidder submits their official bid, access to the specific bid project is denied.
  • Bid Management – Bid Managers are notified via email of all YES and NO responses and also have access to bid status forms and reports. Also, Bid Managers have full access to the invitation process and control the reissue of bid announcements or the selection of additional bidders if required.
  • Bid Review and Award Announcement – Bid Managers can review official bids at anytime, or ProjectDox workflow can be configured to lock down the bid review until the bid submit due date has passed. Once bids have been reviewed and awards have been selected, ProjectDox will notify winning bidders and deliver predefined procedural instructions.
  • Multiple Bid Projects – ProjectDox supports multiple Bid Managers and multiple bid projects. Bidders can review and respond to multiple bid projects and can access them with a single login.
  • Customization – The ProjectDox Bidding Module can be customized to support nearly any bid process.

ProjectDox Request for Information (RFI) Module
The ProjectDox RFI Module provides public works departments with an automated RFI management system and includes the customizable workflow template and electronic RFI form. Key functions include:

  • RFI Creation – RFIs are easily created by clicking on pre-defined RFI form. Required information is pulled from existing data or entered, related trades and departments are selected, and the specific RFI issue is defined along with suggested actions/costs. Clicking “Submit RFI” automatically numbers the RFI and routes the form to the proper department members for review and approval.
  • RFI Management – ProjectDox allows designated stakeholders granular control over the RFI process. Rules created based on RFI request types and cost guide the routing of the RFI and limit or grant access to appropriate team members. RFI form sections can also be hidden from specified personnel. ProjectDox tracks and maintains all RFI activity data, and a complete range of status reports can be generated for ongoing analysis.
  • RFI Approval Notification – Once an RFI has been approved, ProjectDox manages notifications to the RFI Requestor, while maintaining the approved RFI as an activity record. All information collected within the RFI form can be shared with other existing or planned software applications.
  • RFI Integration – The RFI module can also integrate with the Change Request /Change Order module for more comprehensive information management throughout the construction process.

ProjectDox Change Request/Order Module
The ProjectDox Change Request and Order process module manages the construction change requests and change orders being submitted for review and approval. The change request/order workflow is customizable for each jurisdiction’s business process for request submittals, routing for review and approval, order processing and interfacing into an invoicing/accounting system. The Change Request/Order Module interfaces directly to the RFI Module for a complete management system.