What Can PlansAnywhere Do for Your Office?

What Can PlansAnywhere Do for Your Office?

By Administrator

More and more often, businesses have become reliant on technology for reliable communication, the sharing of important documents and information and much more in a paperless manner. While there are several means to do this within the office itself, organizations which specialize in sending employees into the field to complete a service have a slightly more difficult time relaying the necessary information back and forth between the field employee and the main office.Fortunately, Avolve software products such as PlansAnywhere and ProjectDox are available for those companies who require assistance with this issue, and help to make organization much simpler.

These products have several benefits for any customer, including:

  • Easy-to-use collaboration tools which allow employees the most efficient means of communication, such as commenting and comparing.
  • ProjectDox provides open access from the web (including mobile devices) in order to ensure that all employees are able to easily access the content required for any job.
  • Works well with several other applications which may be required by a business, including management, permitting and document management systems.
  • Customizable setup which allows a company to format their usage of the software in a way which is the most efficient for their business practices.
  • GPS enabled to allow the easy location of those who are in need of assistance, and to keep track of where the software is being used.
  • PlansAnywhere presents the ability to work offline when in the field, which ensures that documents may be received at any time.
  • Keeps track of the files and date input by employees in order to examine the progress of information and operations throughout the length of the site’s use.

Each of these Avolve programs offer unmatched compatibility with other programs, which can offer employees a great deal of help, especially field agents who may need extra tools in order to achieve their goals effectively. For example, the programs work well with Google Maps, which then allows the recipients of the documents to easily locate the area in which they are supposed to deliver their services. The process is then streamlined, and the opportunity for mistakes and mix-ups are lessened considerably.

The flexibility of these programs are great attributes as well.While the software is easy-to-use, it is also versatile due to the ability to customize its setup and organize any sort of file (including video and other media) in any way imaginable.This makes it perfect for construction companies, plumbers, repairmen, emergency response teams, and almost any other sort of job imaginable that might involve paperwork and/or or field work.  Regardless of a company’s needs, this site has options to make the flow of knowledge become streamlined and easily accessible by all those who require it.

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