What Challenges Do Building Departments Face and How Can ProjectDox Help?

What Challenges Do Building Departments Face and How Can ProjectDox Help?

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ProjectDox is well-known as the best ePlan software available and is being used widely throughout the United States.  ProjectDox takes common tasks and processes and streamlines them to dramatically improve efficiency, improve communication, improve safety and save money.  Building departments are an integral part of any city or community because they help facilitate building projects, ensure structural integrity for safety.  In order to properly facilitate projects, building officials have to manage the needs of a variety of stakeholders including citizens, businesses, contractors, building department personnel and more.  Managing that much can be complicated but ProjectDox improves the process dramatically and makes it much easier to do so.

To understand what is at stake and what needs to be managed, it is important to understand the potential challenges that building departments face.  First, inefficient manual processes make achieving the balance of managing so many stakeholders difficult.  ProjectDox eliminates the frustrating and snail-paced manual process for automated online processes that keeps detailed records and supplies information.  Information is frequently locked away in data silos, inaccessible when it is needed most.  ProjectDox ensures that everyone is on the same page at the same time by supplying everyone in the group with the most up-to-date information as well as providing automated notifications.  Information is always available any time you need it, day or night.  Another problem is that building plan reviews are often paper-based processes which leads to misplaced documents.  ProjectDox ensures that no document is ever lost because it is securely stored, capable of being accessed by anyone that has been given permission at any time they need.  Furthermore, collaborating on projects with dispersed team members can be very time consuming and can lead to everyone playing a not-so-fun game of “telephone.”  Keeping everyone up to date with the most current and accurate information has never been easier than with ProjectDox.  It is the ultimate tool for superior collaboration on projects.  By facilitating collaboration, ProjectDox solves another potential problem – project status and reporting can be inaccurate and untimely with old methods.  ProjectDox instantly updates the status of a project, allowing everyone involved to know the status the minute it changes.  Finally, information about the built environment is not always available to those who need it.  This can be a very frustrating problem for anyone working on a building project but can also pose a safety concern should an emergency occur.  ProjectDox ensures that all information about the built environment is current, accurate and easily accessible any time you need it from wherever you are.  If you are on a job site you do not need to go back to a government building to get plans or documents, simply pull them up on any smart device with internet access and keep processes moving in timely and efficient way.  No matter what challenges a building department faces, ProjectDox can provide practical solutions that improve efficiency and save money.

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