What Community Planning Operations Can Be Automated With ProjectDox?

What Community Planning Operations Can Be Automated With ProjectDox?

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ProjectDox has been well-established as the leading Electronic Plan Review solution – providing countless benefits to a variety of departments.  ProjectDox is an open access business process enabler for building projects within a community.  With so many contributors and stakeholders on a single building project, ProjectDox helps eliminate information silos by providing content access, improving collaboration and automating review and approval decisions.  For those seeking to gain efficiency, visibility and ease in working together to ensure community safety as well as economic as economic growth, it is the ideal solution.

Automating various operations such as reviews and approvals is just one of the many features that provides a great deal of benefit to the user.  In order to promote a well-designed, livable and prosperous community, planners must combine strategic vision with practical approaches to today’s development realities.  By working closely with citizens and community leaders, planners strive to build consensus on short and long range plans.  And, by working with ProjectDox, modern technology provides convenience, efficiency, effectiveness to facilitate collaboration.

ProjectDox improves communication and collaboration through the use of highly effective workflows.   Community planning operations are being facilitated more effectively all of the United States and North America thanks to the help of ProjectDox.  ProjectDox’s workflows represent the consolidation and refinement of tens of thousands of customer interactions, design and development hours spent addressing customers’ electronic plan review requirements and more.  At Avolve, we have carefully crafted ProjectDox using insider information and industry expertise so that your planning and zoning workflows can operate smoothly.  While we have consolidated a great deal of information and expertise to create ProjectDox, it is still very capable of customization.  While some customers may opt to use it as is, “out of the box,” for all that it has to offer, other customers may prefer to customize it based on your business requirements and we are happy to work with you to achieve whatever you prefer.

ProjectDox solutions for Planning and Zoning enable effective communication and collaboration among those community stakeholders.  ProjectDox uniquely automates and manages community planning operations.  Operations can be automated for various community planning projects including land planning, development applications, entitlements, long range planning, and integration to GIS.  At Avolve, our “Best in Class” planning workflow includes the project templates, checklists, eForms, reports, and process steps you need to automate the planning process in ProjectDox.  ProjectDox uniquely supports your business processes from planning to building, all the way through the management and access of as-built information.  As a truly comprehensive solution, it makes every step of the process, from beginning to end, easier by improving communication and automating processes so that projects can be completed more quickly and accurately.

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