What is a ProjectDox Workflow?

What is a ProjectDox Workflow?

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At Avole Software, we talk often of the many advantages that ProjectDox offers to clients.  Jurisdictions across North America are implementing ProjectDox and realizing a variety of immediate benefits and this is, in large part, due to our exceptional workflows.  We have taken our decades of experience, as well as extensive customer feedback to carefully craft workflows for our customers that help them implement ProjectDox seamlessly.   As the market leader and innovator, ProjectDox’s best-in-class workflows represent the consolidation and refinement of tens of thousands of customer interactions, design and development hours spent addressing customer’s electronic plan review requirements. A workflow is an automated sequence of interrelated activities that facilitate the smooth flow of a variety of business processes.  Workflows are at the heart of ProjectDox which is why we feel it is important to explore them in depth.

Often, business processes are completed by a variety of individuals or systems both inside and outside the organization to complete a project.  When this is the case, operations and processes may move slowly and inefficiently but with today’s modern technology it does not need to be inefficient.  ProjectDox plan review workflows are designed for a variety of applications and can be completely customized.  For example, Planning and Zoning workflows enable effective collaboration and efficient process among stakeholders seeking to achieve a balanced community vision while advancing economic growth.  But, it is not restricted to just Planning & Zoning, Building departments, Public Safety departments, Land Development departments, Capital Improvement Projects Departments, Public Works departments, Parks and Planning Departments and more can all use ProjectDox to automate the plan review process, collaborate on projects, and access ‘as-built’ information, among other business-critical process activities.  We take great pride in enabling collaborative business processes and improving efficiency by reducing process errors, improving stakeholder communication, and delivering a safer community as a result.  At Avolve Software, we offer best-in-class pre-configured workflows that are straightforward and easy to implement but our workflows can also be completely customized to meet your unique needs.  Customers that implement ProjectDox are able to see immediate benefits with quick and efficient onboarding and implementation, the availability of hosted service, extensive training, and we will work hard to deliver what you need for your specific business requirements.  At Avolve Software, we are proud to offer the best software and workflows available and it is our highest priority to ensure customer satisfaction by improving processes for the betterment of the community.


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