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Why OAS?

Decade after decade, jurisdictions have received application submissions in the form of paper applications.  This is primarily because, for so long, electronic applications were simply not an option – they just didn’t exist.  Since the invention of electronic applications and online portals, many jurisdictions have made an effort to offer online application submission but it can be challenging without highly advanced, sophisticated software that integrates well with existing applications and software.  At Avolve, we have spent decades in the industry learning and observing first-hand what the specific jurisdiction needs are so that they can effectively receive and process electronic applications.  With this knowledge and research, we developed OAS – Online Application Submission.

So, what exactly is OAS and why is it better than other online application submission options?  OAS as an online portal that allows citizens to access the applications and forms that they need and complete the entire application process, including submission, all online.  Citizens can submit permit and plan review applications via a jurisdiction’s website or via Avolve’s hosted SaaS solution.  Part of the beauty and effectiveness of OAS is that it integrates seamlessly with ProjectDox.

For the applicant, the process is simple and the interface completely applicant-facing.  Further, OAS can be integrated with a jurisdiction’s permitting system which allows applicants to pay all fees online. If departments are wondering about how online application submission can work when every jurisdiction has highly different needs, including very different applications.  OAS has eForms that are not only intelligent but completely configurable so that it is easy for applicants to begin their application submission process online.  What can be done online? Dynamic application forms operate in a “wizard” style with helpful tips to make form completion easy.  Forms can auto-populate with applicant info.  Forms will confirm address and geo-location for accuracy.  It is easy for applicants to submit multiple applications and various types of applications, all in one safe and secure portal.  And the self-service usability of OAS lends itself perfectly to paying fees online.

But, what it all comes down to is this – why OAS?  The answer is that, when our clients use OAS they are able to create customizable eForms for more efficient and effective workflow through easy online submission.  Further, as forms are completed, it will automatically trigger the start of the plan review workflows process in ProjectDox.  There are four simple steps: create an account, choose a form, complete the form, submit and pay.  The bottom line is, nothing seamlessly streamlines application submission and integrates with ProjectDox in the way that OAS does.

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