Why ProjectDox is the Market’s Leading Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) Solution

Why ProjectDox is the Market’s Leading Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) Solution

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There are many endeavors that are accepted as time-consuming and drawn out processes. Applying for permits, public projects and safety planning are all some of those instances. With the new developments in ProjectDox electronic plan review, or ePlan, these proposals can now be approved in up to a quarter of the time it previously took to complete paperwork and reach a decision. There are great benefits to this type of electronic system, both for the project manager as well as the applicant. Here are a few of the areas in which this service can be beneficial.

Public Safety

When you have a team involved in an emergency situation, there is no room for errors or questions. All involved parties need accurate information as quickly as possible in order to meet the needs of troubled citizens, whether that involves a fire or other natural disaster. With ProjectDox, command center plans will be remotely accessible by those on the jobsite as well as those giving instruction. Deployed units won’t have to worry about changes in instruction or added guidelines; they’ll be instantly available and accessible from anywhere.

Planning Committees

One of the most difficult parts of having multiple voices and opinions on any project is the problems faced when trying to match up schedules of all involved persons to come to group conclusions. This applies to any situation, but can be especially obvious in planning committees. Various members hold different stakes in the project and each desires to make his or her voice heard. One of the major benefits of ePlan is that is accessible from many parties as once, not only giving each individual a chance to comment on the plan, but also a visual to improve their understanding of the goals and efforts of the community.

Permit Review

Applying for a business license and permits can be a daunting task that requires much work to even get to that point. The last thing a new company needs is for production to be put on hold for a few months while city offices complete the lengthy process of application approval. With electronic plan review, much of the delay can be cut out and permits can be completed in a much shorter turnaround time, improving the economy of the city as well as the applicant.

By implementing ePlan, governments and businesses are able to seamlessly communicate and process information quickly without any misunderstandings or miscommunications. Make planning and reviewing processes simpler with ProjectDox for all of your processing needs.

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